the itsy bitsy spiders

One morning a couple of months ago, I walked outside and couldn't believe my eyes.

As far as I could see, all over the woods around our house were spider webs everywhere!
In the trees and on the ground in the wooded areas.

We have problems with them trying to make webs on our porches so we have to sweep the porches down every few days.  And yes, we sometimes see a spider in the house!  After seeing this, I'm not surprised at all!  Thankfully, this is not a common site for us.

We spray on a regular basis, but I believe we need to even more often!  Have any of you ever seen such as this?  I guess that's what we get for living in the middle of the woods. 

I won't leave you with these horrifying photos.
Here's a cute little red-headed wood pecker I also saw that morning as well :)

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Kerry said...

Wow, what a site that must have been! I have seen one or two webs like that, but not that many!