from Savannah to Wake Forest

We came home on Thursday from Savannah to repack and head out to Shaana and Chuck's for a long Memorial Day weekend.  Here's a little of what we did:

We decided to take a trip to the North Carolina Museums of History and Science on Saturday.

Havin' a little fun with the statues out front:

then we headed inside the history museum first

First thing on display was one of Dale Earnhardt's cars.....my daddy would have loved to see this!
and one of his racing outfits...

We saw things pertaining to pirates...and their 'booty' ;)

There were historical artifacts from previous wars and the 'old' way of life...
small-scale replicas of the railroad and it's importance
Natalie learning how to milk a cow

How true! Never thought about it this way

Dillan's grateful that cameras are no longer this big!

Of course, we had to pretend we were soldiers too!

Scott, the worried soldier - ha!

Dillan, the serious soldier - lol!

Austin....the tiny head soldier - lol!

and me, the silly soldier :)

Then we headed over to the science museum.  It was my fave!
But not before stopping by Pharaoh's for a bite of lunch.

cute little sea horses :)

whale bones

Bald Eagle

baby "possums" - even they are cute :)

Sorry....just wondered what it would look like to have this happen?

lots of dino bones on display

baby dinos are cute too!

This is what it would look like to you if you stood under a real dino!
I would be a runnin' white gal!!!

baby owl

in the butterfly house

and this is what the view would be if you maybe, huh...rode on the back of the dino?

There was lots to see and experience in the museums.
I highly recommend it if you're ever in the downtown Raleigh, NC area.

Capitol building in Raleigh

Sunday, we went to church with Shaana and Chuck at North Wake....we always love to visit there when we are in town!  That afternoon, we did a little shopping and went with them to their small group meeting that night.  We dug deeper into the scripture passages from what the sermon was based on that morning.....good stuff! 

On Monday, we had a little belated birthday celebration for Austin and Evan who share the same birthday.  We went to a Mudcats baseball game after enjoying grilled hot dogs and burgers at the house.  That night, we had cookie cake and ice cream :)

If you're wondering about the pink icing on the cake, that was the only ones available at the store and Evan didn't seem to care....he just wanted a cookie cake :)
We had a great time on our visit and look forward to doing it again.

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