bloom where you're planted

Not sure what kind of plant this is, but it showed up in my flower bed by the garage entrance a couple of years ago.  It's grown alot since then!

These little plants are all over the woods around our house.  But this one decided to show the others up.....it grew taller.....much taller!

and showed signs of blooming....

I just knew it would be one of those magical moments and the blooms would appear in time for Dillan's graduation party.

But.....it was a week or so later
The weight of the blooms (and winds from a storm) caused it to bend

We went ahead and cut this part off the plant when the blooms started dying. 

I just thought it was a unique sight.....I've never seen these plants before we moved where we are now.  But then again, we see crickets and lizards around here that don't look like any we've seen before.  Now that I think about it, it would probably be fun to do some research on the wildlife at Wildwood Estates.  We even have scorpions here!   We're talking about the state of Georgia, people.....south central Georgia at that! 

If any of my readers out there have any info on this area and what might make it a unique habitat for certain wildlife, I'd love to know :)

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