back porch livin'

I don't know about you, but I enjoy spending time outside - especially during the fall and spring.
I've noticed in the almost four years we have been in our home, that we don't spend nearly as much time outside as we used to.  Part of that for me has been being busy with school for over two years.  When you have lots of homework on the weekends, you tend to stay holed up inside your house studying.  But I had also not really made the porch a place that would be calling our names.

So I recently decided that I was going to do something about that.  Knowing that I'd be free of school and able to really enjoy this summer, I got busy redecorating the back porch.  I'm not through yet, but I think it's a good start....good enough to entice us to get out there and grill or relax with some good music and a cold glass of iced tea :)

I already had a patio table from years ago, but it was green.  Knowing I wanted a more neutral color to match other accessories, I decided to spray it black.  The original chairs were horrible and had been thrown away, so I found these at a local dollar store.  I already had these red seat cushions, so I decided to go with a mostly red color scheme to brighten things up a bit.

I added these cute place mats from Walmart and the Yankee Candle lantern and it's a perfect place to sit a drink or have a meal :)

We have a long, rectangular porch, so I decided to put this rocking chair at the other end.  I looked around the house and found the red pillow to add a pop of color and bought the plastic red tray at Walmart to make a small table out of my old camp stool from when I was a little girl :)  You can not imagine my delight to find that thing in my mama's storage building a while back!  I have many fond memories of sitting on that little stool around a camp fire with my family. 

I added the shelf and a few plants (I don't have a green thumb yet).  The table in the corner holds a cactus plant and one of Scott's "Fire Rocks" that he makes. 

The old crate we use to store fire wood in the winter also came in handy.  I turned it up on it's side to hold an interesting turtle shell found in the woods nearby (let me tell you, we have LOTS of those turtles out here...and one just recently ate one of my watermelon plants!).  A citronella candle on top, along with a couple of others scattered on the porch will help fight the bugs this summer.

And there you have it!
I'm not done yet.  I still want to add more plants and an outdoor rug.  We also will be screening it in soon so we can enjoy it more this summer without being run off by the mosquitoes.

It's becoming one of my favorite spots to hang out and I hardly spent any money on it.  I used what I had by shopping around the house and at the local dollar store and Wally World for spray paint and accessories. 
Bring it on summer!!!


Sharing Shadymont said...

Your porch is looking great. Don't you just love shopping your house? I do! Enjoy!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Great start. Love the bright red, so cheery, and looks like a fabulous place to sit and relax. Hugs, marty

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Love your porch! Makes me smile.

blessings to you!