our Savannah stay

I decided to take some time off work after graduation to relax and soak in all the wonderful memories.  Not having home work for the first time in over 2 years is a wonderful feeling!

Scott's had to work in Savannah alot lately, so me and Miss Lucy accompanied him last week.  This was Lucy's first time staying in a hotel...but let me tell you, by the time we left, she thought the whole building was hers! 

The only time she got upset was when she heard doors close outside of our room.  There was alot of that going on early in the mornings where we were!  Our room was the first one on the bottom floor....right across from the conference room, public restrooms, and check-in area.  I guess she thought someone was trying to get in our room and she felt the need to protect her people because she wouldn't bark when we would leave her in there by herself....which wasn't for long.  We put her in the bathroom with the baby gate and turn on the fan to drown out noises.  When we came back in, she would be peeking around the corner to see what "boogie man" was coming and didn't make a peep until she knew it was us...lol!

It was funny watching her reactions to such a strange place (this was her first time staying in a hotel with us).  She refused to drink the water there, so we had to give her bottled water, but that didn't surprise us.  She only likes water from our house or bottled water....yeah, she's high maintenance :)

Besides our hotel room, my hangout was at the pool...and I had it all to myself :)

I also made use of the fitness center
in addition to taking a couple of long walks

One morning, I decided to take Lucy on a short walk down the road to an air force museum. 

We saw a couple of planes....

and this picnic bench
which Lucy used to rest after I had to tote her over halfway on the trip - lol!

"It's too hot for this mama!"

Maybe we need to purchase one of these for the next trip!

We returned home only to repack and head back out early the next morning to North Carolina.  It sure was hard to get motivated to go back to work this week!

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