Journey to Better Living (cont'd.)

I went back to see Dr. Haire on Wednesday.  She went over the results of the blood work with me.  Just as we knew, my hormone levels were not anywhere close to balanced.  Although I have been taking estrogen for 13 years, mine is extremely low.  I can't remember what she said about my progesterone, but my cortisol is very high and my adrenal system is not functioning like it should.  And get this....my testosterone level is extremely high! 

All women are supposed to have a small amount of testosterone, just as men should have a small amount of estrogen.  I knew this, but it's pretty wild to think that mine is so high.  But this in itself answers alot of questions as to why I stay so keyed up alot of the time.  I lost my patience years ago and have had difficulty dealing with the smallest amounts of stress for some time now.  Of course, when you throw in the actual stress that I've been under, I've been like a time bomb waiting to go off. 

So the first thing Dr. Haire wanted to address was my adrenal system.  If that works correctly, it helps to keep the other hormones in balance.  She said that right now it would be pointless to give me anything for a nutritional supplement because my body would not know how to process it. 

After four months of the treatment plan I'm on, we will do another test and see where my levels are then.  The goal is for my body to respond to what I'm putting in it without any other man-made medication.  I sure hope it does!  I should also lose a little more weight by getting my hormones back in balance, so that's an added plus :)  I'm still visiting with JM an average of four times each week :)

I will continue to take my minerals every day, but I've got some new products to help me now: another Bach flower essence, Red Chestnut...designed to help you care or have concern about something without feeling overwhelmed; Femmenessence MacaLife...supports normal hormonal balance, heart & bone health, etc.; Adrenal Factors Stress Support...to aid my adrenal system; Olive Leaf Extract...for my immune system; and a supplement for stress.

I still continue to do well with my allergies and migraines.  That should continue to also improve over time.  I'm really excited about the progress that I've made and I feel relieved to have some answers as to why I've felt so bad for so long.  I'm thankful for people in the medical field that listen to their patients and know alternative, effective treatments to help our bodies heal themselves as they were designed to do.

I've fallen in love with Publix!  They have so many wheat-free and GF products and a large variety of healthy foods in general.  And they have BREAD I can eat!!!!  This time I purchased some Tapioca bread.  It takes pretty good, but it falls apart when you try to make a sandwich with it.  I guess that's what the gluten does for bread....makes it soft and helps it keep its form without falling apart.  They have several options to choose from, including some in the frozen foods section.  I'd also like to try my hand at making some now that I'm about to be out of school and will have time to experiment.  So y'all let me know if you have any good recipes :)

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