I'm so honored to be his mom :)

Friday was a special day.  The Honor's program was that morning..........and it was also my last official day of school!  Woo Hoo! I'm done!

Dillan decided to get  all spiffy for his last day of school and the program.  I know...he's a cutie :)

This is the front entrance to the high school....the same school I attended.  It was a strange feeling knowing I was coming to the school for the last time as a parent - except for upcoming graduation. 

He will  graduate in the same gym that I did.
Mine was in 1988!

Dillan's cousin, Dixie is the Valedictorian.
We are so proud of her!

Dillan was announced as the recipient for the $1,000.00 William Kent Dozier Memorial Scholarship!
Look at that grin :)

He received a certificate for Honor Roll all year.

He is also the recipient of another scholarship worth $1,000.00
Middle Georgia EMC Scholarship

We found out earlier that he was the winner of this scholarship.  Unfortunately, no one was on hand from EMC to acknowledge this at the program.The school blamed EMC for not responding to the invitation and EMC blamed the school for not knowing about the program.  I'm not sure who's telling the truth, but I have to admit, I was very disappointed.  A scholarship is a BIG deal and every student that earns one should be acknowledged for their accomplishments.  Ok....I'll get off my soap box now.

The graduation coach presenting Dillan with his honor tassel and stole

I love this picture :)

A large group of seniors were also recognized for their hard work raising money for Relay for Life this year.  This group of seniors raised over $6,000.00!  Dillan was part of this group.

After the program, the students were treated to pizza.

Pastor Brian, our youth pastor, with Dillan after the program.
We are so grateful for the godly influence he has had on our students at our church.

I just had to snap a pic of Dillan leaving high school for the last time :(
He calls me Blogger Mom.....I wonder why? lol

I'm so glad that Scott and I moved back to my home county four years ago and Dillan had the opportunity to go to school in Wilcox County.  I have alot of fond memories from my school years! 

I'm so proud of Dillan and all of his accomplishments.  I don't mean to brag if that's what it sounds like, but God has just blessed me so much with that boy!  He's made being a mom alot easier than I deserve and is such a blessing to our entire family.  Graduation Day is this Saturday!  I can't believe it's already here!

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