Who? Who? Me - that's who!

I was recently asked to speak at an OWLS Club meeting at SGTC. 

The OWLS club is a club made up of non-traditional students who have enrolled in college after a break in education....and that would be ME!  OWLS may have full time jobs or families and household responsibilities in addition to school work.  This club offers its members the opportunity to learn and get advice from others who have learned how to balance school responsibilities with those at work and home. 

It was an honor to be able to share some of my thoughts with this group of students as I approach my college graduation.  I tried to emphasize to them that there is "light at the end of the tunnel".   I also reminded them to take at least one day each week to rest.  On that day, they should not worry about school work, housework, or anything else.  They should take this time to relax and enjoy family or friends, but most importantly for me, spend quality time with the Lord!

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