There's much to do when you turn 18!

As you know, Dillan turned 18 last Saturday.  We didn't plan anything special for that day because we were going to have his birthday lunch that Sunday with others in my family.  Dillan went to see his other grandparents that Saturday night, so while he was gone, I decided to make a special treat for this special day to enjoy when he got back.......Birthday Cake Popcorn

I found it while browsing around on The Pioneer Woman's blog.
I can't find it on there now to save my life or I'd post the recipe now, but I've also seen pictures of some on Pinterest so search for it either place.  It's really quick and easy.  The only thing I did wrong was add too much cake mix.  That's because I was talking and not reading the instructions.  As a result, there were some clumps of cake batter in there.....but hey... I love cake batter so I'm not complaining! YUMMY!

We also gave Dillan his birthday gifts from us that Saturday.
a yoga mat for his therapy/exercises, sun shield for his car, and an Itunes card

For his birthday lunch on Sunday, I made chicken-n-rice, homemade mac-n-cheese, peas, and rolls.  Instead of a typical birthday cake, he requested cheesecake, so I did what any practical mom would do...I went and bought 2 boxes of the "No Bake" cheesecake!  Too easy!  I even bought pre-made crusts :) 

one cheesecake with strawberry topping....one without

His favorite gift.....$$$$$$$

I had some other pictures I took that day of other family members and accidentally deleted them :(

Now that he's 18, Dillan had to go make sure he updated his license to Class C, register to vote, and verify that he's registered for Selective Service.....Lord, I hope they never bring the draft back! 

He also did something else that I told him he could do when he turned 18.....
he got a tattoo!
He's been wanting one for over a year now...probably closer to two.  I don't see a big deal about people having tattoos if it's something that has meaning to them.  I told Dillan to wait until he was 18 and to be sure of what he wanted.....cause it ain't comin' off!  He's not changed his mind about it since then, or about what he wanted it to say...."STAY STRONG".  Those words have meaning to him.  He's been through alot over the years and has maintained his integrity and his faith in God.  It is my prayer that as he goes of to college, he will look down at his arm at those two words whenever he has doubt about a decision he has to make.  I know that God will be with him and will help him to make the right decisions if he turns to Him when in doubt.

I can already hear it....some people will be shocked that I let him do this.  But first of all, he's a legal adult and if he wanted to get one even without my approval, he could.  But I don't think it's a horrible sin to get a tattoo. For those who say it's defiling your body, I would say that we do alot of things to defile our bodies.....overeat, drink, smoke, etc.  I also think that what's a sin for one, may not be a sin for someone else.  Yes, we do have to be careful not to be a stumbling block, but I also see Christian artists that have tattoos and it doesn't make me think less of them. 

Well, I'll get off my soap box now.....to each his own, so let's not judge :)  Anyway, he had a good birthday and will soon be celebrating graduation.  More on that soon!

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mountain mama said...

well ya know...i got a tattoo about three years ago! i feel the same way you do about them.

happy birthday to him, i know you are very proud!

God bless~