Easter 2012

Me and the Mister

We had our Easter lunch at the family farm where my mom grew up.

The teens hid the eggs for the little ones.  Some in plain sight...

and others in not-so-easy-to-find places :)


Some found time to blow dandelions....

or pose for the camera - lol!

Here are the few egg hunters on hand this year......
We were small in number this year :(

getting help from older bro and sis

and running wide open in the wide-open spaces

resting from the egg hunt
There were also new baby kittens to enjoy

by everyone :)

"Can I keep him?"

The best part of all was just spending time with my precious family. 

my mom and Valerie

My niece & nephew: Abi and Tommy
We've got a huge extended family, so it's hard to get everyone there at any given time.  Dillan wasn't even there for lunch this year.  But that's ok...I don't mind sharing him with his father's side of the family.  Before long, none of us will see him on a regular basis. 

Easter Bunny loot..........
I don't the Easter Bunny doesn't go all out now that the boys are older. 
Candy and gold/silver eggs (with $ inside) for Dillan & Austin; card & candy for Scott; and milk bones and stuffed animal for Lucy girl :)

I hope each of you had a wonderful Easter weekend and celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.....He is alive! He is alive indeed!!!

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