Choosing his new home...

Dillan and I made a trip to Atlanta recently.  Yep, just me and him!  (Is that correct English?)  We went to tour each of the 4 housing options available at Georgia State.  There are 4 choices with 2 of them being apartments.  We didn't intend for him to start out in an apartment, but after seeing them all, I think he'll be happier living at The Commons. 

The Commons is either the largest or one of the largest college housing units in the nation!  Notice I didn't say 'dorm'.  GSU is rated at the top in the nation for favorite housing on college campuses....but they aren't typical 'dorms'.  Dillan has applied for a 4 bedroom, 2 bath apartment.  Because we applied early, he should get it.  Now I just have to control myself and not try to go decorate it for them with coordinating colors!  I will get my hands on Dillan's room though ;)  He's wanting to go with a black/white scheme...I'm so ready to go shopping!  Here's the floor plan:

Here's some reasons why I decided I liked the apartment:

1. Dillan is an only child and used to having his own room.  He thought he wanted to share a room with someone, but after seeing how small they are.....nope!  But with three roommates, he'll still have people around to hang out with. 
2. Although I'm hoping his roommates will become great friends, it's hard to completely trust people you just meet.  Having his own room will allow him to be able to keep some things in a safer place.  It will also allow him the privacy he needs when studying....or when he just needs some 'alone' time.
3. I thought about something else too.  Having a kitchen and living room makes it alot easier to hang out with friends or a sweet young lady ;).  Without the living room, they'd be in the bedroom.  Why temp yourself?  There is some lobby type areas, but the best one is in a different building.
4. The views of the city! Wow! It's unbelieveable how beautiful the city skyline is! No, that's not really a criteria for us, but it's a plus :)

I was very impressed with the security on the campus.  They have top notch security in all the housing units, with key cards and security desks at each of them.  They also have private parking behind closed gates. 

There's so much to do to finish getting him ready for college!  But I've got to focus on graduation right now.  3 more weeks for me!!!!!!!! 4 for him!!!!!!!!

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