4th Week: Journey to Better Health

My billboard in Tifton after my successful back surgery.
So glad I had that surgery!

I've had a little bit of a difficult time this week.  Monday evening when I was working out, I pulled  a muscle in my upper back/shoulder area.  The pain also resonated up my neck and has caused me alot of discomfort this week.  I wasn't able to work out Tuesday, and because my pain was worse on Wednesday, I chose to rest another day.  Boy did I pay for it on Thursday's workout!  I'm on the second part of the Jillian Michael's ab video, and it's so hard!  I did better with it the last couple days, so hopefully it will be easier as I start week 5. 

I didn't lose any weight this week, but I can really tell a difference in the way my clothes fit!  That's so encouraging!  I repeated my blood work Friday, so hopefully I'll have the results next week and we can address my hormone issues.  I was told that I'd see more weight come off easily once my body gets back into balance.....so I can't wait!

I had purchased a blood print test that day I saw the doctor.  I did the test the next week and mailed it to the lab, but the results were inconclusive (is that a word?).  Scott had trouble getting enough blood from my finger to fill the card.  So they mailed me another kit free of charge this week and I got my aunt to do it for me.  She's a nurse and has access to other needles, so she took blood from my arm and dropped it on the card with a syringe.  We sent it out right away with UPS, so I hope to hear something late next week.

I found a few more goodies to enjoy.......

Rice Chips are great....alone or with salsa!

I found this tea on sale....it's pretty good.  It's alot lighter than the other teas.
I guess that's because it should resemble it's name...Sugar Cookie :)

I also picked this up.
Now I can have pancakes from time to time! Yay me!

I may have mentioned this earlier, but I'm so amazed right now at how much my allergies have improved from previous years!  I should be going crazy right now with all of this pollen....especially with the pecan trees in full bloom!  But I'm avoiding wheat and cow's milk and cut way back on coffee like the doctor suggested.  It's really making a difference! 

I'll be back next week with more updates :)

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Small Town Joy: said...

Good for you and your efforts. I really need to do this myself. Celiac runs in our family. My allergies are going crazy!