Prayers for Lucy

We're asking for prayers again for our sweet Lucy girl.
(God loves animals too, you know!)
She's been through so much in her short 4 years of life....including 3 eye surgeries!

We're blessed that our vet's office now offers grooming services.  At her recent appointment, I asked them to look at a place that came up on her back a few weeks ago.  They aspirated it (not sure I'm saying that right), but couldn't definitely say that it was nothing to worry about.  So...on Monday, she will have a biopsy done so that we will know for sure what's going on. 

Bless her heart.....it seems if it can happen, it will happen to her.  But I'm praying that God will spare this little creature of his any more physical problems.  She's such a blessing to our lives and we want her to be happy and healthy for MANY years to come!

Thanks for the prayers!

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