Scott and I had the opportunity to attend the LIFT conference at Passion City Church in Atlanta this past weekend.  LIFT is a worship leader collective.  Worship leaders, musicians, and lots of other "creative" types came together to be re-energized and encouraged in leading the people of our churches into the heart of worship before our Lord.    It was an AWESOME experience!

It doesn't look like your typical church.....very refreshing!
This used to be a Home Depot/sports store of sorts.

Here's Louie Giglio and all of the artists during the P&W time

The Lord's presence was surely felt in the room!

Here's Chris Tomlin's wife and new baby girl :)
Aren't they beautiful?

This is Christy Nockels.  We got to hear her sing and speak

I hate to admit it, but I wasn't familiar with David Crowder, but he was great too!
He and a friend played acoustics.....it was like a casual living room jam :)

This huge sculpture was in the parking lot.  Read more about it here.

I'm very excited that this church is not far from where Dillan will be attending college.  It's my hope that he will become involved in the worship and ministry opportunities that Passion City Church has.

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