2nd Week: Journey to Better Health

Look at what the Mister bought me last week!
I feel like a real "gym rat" now when I work out ;)

All jokes aside, though....I'm really enjoying it.

I don't know how many of you have actually tried to do any of Jillian's workouts, but I can tell you that she will nearly kill you!!!  I'm making progress though.  I'm using the weights now.  Beginners don't start out using them because it makes the exercises even harder.  But....IT'S PAYING OFF
I lost 2 more pounds this week! Yahoo! 

I said last week, I'd probably tell more details about my weight, so I'll tell you that up until two weeks ago, I weighed 140 pounds.  According to BMI charts, I'm normal weight....but those charts ain't lookin' at my midsection...Ha!  I think I weighed between 110-115 in high school - mostly all legs ;)  I probably didn't gain much more during college and early adulthood.  It's hard to remember exactly what I've weighed at different times over the years.  But after having Dillan, my weight's probably been anywhere from 120-130.  It's only been in the last couple of years that I gained and mostly it's been in my mid-section.  That's completely normal for a middle age woman, but I still feel like most of it came from sitting behind a computer or a book while trying to finish school. 

If I got back to 130, I would probably be ok with that, but I want to see 125 and to keep it there.  All together that's losing 15 pounds.  That might not sound like alot to you, but for me it is!  It's been difficult for me to lose those pounds and keep it off, but I'm really determined this time!  When you actually need to do it for other health reasons, it's a real motivator!
I just finished up my 14 day Total Body Cleanse and am about to purchase what I need for the next 6 weeks.  Let me fill you in on what happens when you've cleansed your body of things that don't agree with you.  Remember me telling you that the doctor told me I was sensitive to wheat?  Well, I still haven't been out of town to find the GF bread so that I can at least have a piece or two every now and then.  I've not been eating bread or anything with wheat in it, and was really craving some.  So I thought I was being smart last Monday.  I went and purchased some oatmeal bread. 

Now, I knew it had wheat in it of course, but I thought, "Just a little won't hurt....after all, it's also made from oatmeal".  So I purchased it and went home and got out one piece.  I cut it in half to make a banana sandwich.  Doesn't it sound good?  That's what I had for supper - a little banana sandwich on oatmeal bread and rice chips.
That was on Monday.  I felt just a little guilty about eating it, but didn't think it really hurt me.  I noticed the next day, I felt a little...how should I say this politely? bloated .....That Wednesday, I decided to have breakfast for supper - eggs, grits, bacon, and of course - one piece of toast [grin].  The next day....IT WAS ON!  Just use your imagination and you will know what I'm talking about. 

How could something so pretty be so bad? :(

I looked back at the food journal I'm keeping and realized my suspicions had to be correct.  It was the bread!  It had to be!  Nothing else was different.  This girl won't be making that mistake again!  I will be purchasing some GF bread today!  BUT I will not be eating it regularly. 

Here's a couple of other things I've been enjoying this week:   

I dearly love sweet potatoes!
Maybe I should start growing them.

Almond milk (yum) and caramel rice cakes
They don't taste like cardboard, y'all!

tuna on GF crackers with salad
I don't know why I haven't been eating tuna all these years!

I've also been snacking on Pecan Nut-Thins which are a GF nut/rice cracker and pork skins.
We tried split peas with our grilled chicken the other night.....massive fail! Eeewww!

Well, better go for now.  The Mister is taking me shopping for an Easter dress so I've got to go put my face on.  This is the first time I've actually been excited about buying a new dress in a while!

Y'all have a great weekend :)

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Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Hi Lynn,
Thanks for visiting the Cottage at the Crossroads and leaving your comment. I saw you dog Lucy on your sidebar and read the post about her not having to have surgery. I do admire the fact that you went back to school to get your degree. Good luck with your weight loss and journey to get healthier.