"Snow" Much Fun!

This was my family's first ski trip......

and first time seeing so much snow.....

This view is from the lodge early the first morning.
Ski school was just getting started.

I finally found Dillan in the crowd

See how busy ski school was?  And it got even more crowded!

a view worthy of a post card...

Scott laughed at my comment about snow being on the "sticks" - lol!
My point was: you know it's snowed alot when snow is sticking to the branches...it's much easier to see it on the leaves of the trees. 

Dillan & Mallory, as well as one or two others, were able to keep up with each other the entire time! 
That's saying alot because it's easy to get separated going down the slopes. 

It was so hard to tell who was who, especially under the snow-blowers!
This is Austin on his board.

and this is Austin on his butt :0

This was taken during lunch break. 
Scott's fur on his hat was going all which-a-ways :)

The pretty thing in pink is my niece, Autumn.
This is her first year in the youth group at our church
and this was her first ski trip as well.
She did so well that she went straight from ski school
to the intermediate slope!  No bunny slope for this girl :)

Here she is reaching the bottom of the slope.....
I think she's trying to slow down ;)

Walking with skis on is very challenging!

We attended a conference Sat. & Sun. night and heard some great praise & worship music!
The worship leader was Brett Younker from Passion Church in the ATL.

The conference was about being Self<Less instead of Selfish

Speaker, Jeremy Kingsley did a fantastic job!

waiting for the conference to begin

We were entertained by Scott....he had a blast during P & W

We didn't stay on the mountain, but in Banner Elk.  There was snow there when we arrived and we woke up to even more snow Sunday morning.  It was great!

Scott decided to try skiing the second day instead of boarding

Dillan did pretty well for his first time and he loved it!
Now he wants a board for his birthday so he'll have his own in the future.

Pastor Brian is a very experienced skier and snow boarder.
This is Dillan with him getting on the lift to go uphill.

I finally figured out where to go to get some good pictures.  I'm not sure if I was actually supposed to be right here by the ski lift, but a mama will do anything to get pics of her baby :)

PB coming down the BIG hill!
But where's Dillan?

Here he comes.....he had to take the turn next to the BIG hill....
not ready for that yet!

and here comes Mallory!

PB, his wife, Terri, and son, Weston

Scott on his skis

The end of a long, hard day in the snow

Looking forward to going again!


Patty Sumner said...

What fun! We took a group skiing many many years ago. I went through the class but did not make it down the hill. It scared me to death....... The kids of course, loved it. The pics are great. Blessings!

Lynn said...

I wanted to try to ski as well, but I had back surgery 3 years ago....kinda scared of messin' that up!

Dillan actually went down the "black diamond" (hardest slope), when it was foggy and was ok with it. When the fog lifted and he saw how steep it really was, he scooted down on his behind most of the way - lol!