Reflections & Resolutions

Nothing fancy for our New Year's celebration at home - lol!
I just popped open a bottle of Sparkling Cider (Apple Mango) and tore open the cheese ball and some crackers.....all around 11:30 pm :)

The boys were upstairs most of the night watching the different celebrations around the country.  I have to add that they seemed very content doing that....they didn't wish to be out on the road somewhere or at a party.  Scott and I both thought about that and how grateful we were that we knew where they were - safe under our roof. 

Scott, Lucy, and I were hanging out downstairs most of the evening...mostly surfing the internet.  We called them downstairs to ring in the new year with us and then let them go back up to their "man cave"....besides, we were ready to go to bed!  These late nights kill me!

I woke up this morning and spent some quiet time with the Lord and reflected on this past year.  Alot has happened...some good and some bad.  But I don't want to talk alot about that right now.  I just want to share what my biggest desire is for the new year.  Yes, I want to stay organized, complete my degree, lose weight, and all the other things I've been mentioning.  But I failed to mention the most important thing, and that's the fact that I want to grow closer to Jesus.

He reminded me of something this morning.  Just like I tend to get too busy with everyday life that I put him on the back-burner sometimes, I did the same thing this weekend.  I got busy worrying about getting my house in shape for the coming year.  Now I know that in itself is not a bad thing, but if I fail to give Jesus His time first each day, then what have I really accomplished?  In the end, He is all that matters.

I am determined to strengthen my relationship with Christ.  I want to be hungry for His Word.  I want to serve Him better...at home and at church and in the world.  I want to be His hands and His feet and see people with His eyes.  It's not easy being a Christian in this world today, but it will not get any easier..only harder, I'm afraid.  But He promises us in His Word that He will never leave us or forsake us...He is always there.  He always has been.  He is the Alpha and Omega..the beginning and the end...the first and the last. 

I don't know about you, but that brings me much comfort :)

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Patty Sumner said...

Me too! I hope to walk much closer to him this year. Blessings!