I just realized that I never published my post about our trip to Georgia State University.
You will recall, we visited NGU in South Carolina back in November, but Dillan didn't feel the school or area was "big enough for his britches".  So the search for a college began again.

It looks like we've got a WINNER with Georgia State University!
Dillan loved the campus...and the fact that it winds through downtown ATL!

on the bus ride around campus

I fell in love with the area too!  All kinds of shops and little bistros and coffee shops.

This is the entrance to the student center (I think they called it?)

It's 3 stories and offers all kinds of work-out equipment and fun!

all the weights you could ever want

and elliptical machines galore ....  Love!

the pool, sauna, and hot tub.....my personal fave!

one of the housing units

LR area....nice and homey :)

and all the concrete you could want :)

They even have their own movie theatre!

the book store

Notice how the girls are all standing behind Dillan?
Of course, he was the only guy in the tour group that a.m. ;)

"Oh yeah! I'm gonna love the ATL!"

When we left, we decided to do some much needed Christmas shopping.
This was on Dec. 16th and I had not done any shopping!

We had alot of fun that day.  The campus was great!
We went to Atlantic Station and the Lenox Mall.
On the way home, I got a few pictures too.
the tree on top of Macy's at the Lenox Mall

Atlanta is a beautiful city!

We enjoyed spending the day there and look forward to more visits while Dillan is in college.

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