Give me an "L"!

I finally got around to finishing Lucy's special little area of the washroom.  We used to put her in there behind a baby gate every time we left the house, but she soon figured out how to tell if we were all leaving.  Now she runs and hides behind the couch (which is against a wall) or under my bed so we can't get to her. 

looks like she's trying to grin for the camera - lol!

I guess she feels the need to have the run of the house when we're out.  I've sometimes wondered what we would see her do if we videoed her while we're gone?  Hmmmmm....maybe something to think about.  It might be pretty funny!  But then again, she probably just sleeps the whole day....I know I would!
"Who me?  I wouldn't do that!"

Anyway, she has a bed in the washroom and all of her supplies stay in there too (well, actually she has a bed and toy box in the LR and now a new bed in my bedroom too...aren't our furry babies so much fun?).  So I decided to make the area above her bed special just for her :) 

Last year as part of my bday present, my sister, Suzanne gave me this wooden letter L for Lucy.  I knew right away that I wanted to paint it up with polka dots, but I had trouble finding a small shelf like I wanted.  I recently found one at Hobby Lobby and was able to finish this little project. 

Here's a closer look at the shelf and the contents on it:

The giraffe was her first toy, Jeff the Giraffe!  She has played with that thing so much!
She also loves the monkey...he hollers every time you squeeze him.  But he's about worn out, so I thought I'd include him in the display.  For some reason, she doesn't like hard, plastic toys....only soft, cuddly ones.    The picture is one taken when she was a baby.....she looked like an Ewok :)
Here's a look at the whole wall space. 
I chose to stain/paint the shelf and letter to match this picture that hangs in the same area.
The letter "L" is painted a barn red with tan polka dots.  I made the dots by dipping a pencil eraser in the paint.....so quick and easy.  I thought it turned out really cute :)

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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

She is adorable and the shelf display turned out so cute. What a fun idea. Hugs, Marty