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What in the world am I doing up at 5:30 in the morning when I don't have to go to work?  Well, to be honest, I woke up because Lucy was begging to go outside to potty.  I immediately crawled back in bed when we got back in, but my mind was wide awake!  Not in a bad kind of way, but an inspiring way...if that makes sense.

If you are a creative person in any capacity, you will understand what I'm talking about.  When those juices get to flowing, you have to ACT!  There have been so many times in the past when an article would come to mind that I should write or I would be inspired by certain words, but if I didn't act on it immediately, it was soon gone. 

I think one reason we awake early like that is because God stirs us from our slumber to inspire us when we don't have the distractions from everyday life.  It's certainly easy for me to get distracted.  It seems like there's always something going on, something to do. 

During my holiday break from work, I made it my goal to get re-organized around the house.  Of course, that's a goal of mine every time a new year rolls around.  Because I like to organize things, I actually enjoy the process of re-organizing closets and such.  My main goal this year is to get the study area in my bedroom ready for use.  With my full time work, school work and many other projects, I need a quiet spot away from everything else where I can get things done and keep things organized....a place where no one else will pile their belongings or disorganize everything!  This small area of my bedroom is the only spot for this, I think.  It's been a work in progress for a while, but it's time for the finishing touches. 

Wow, I've totally gotten off topic...imagine that!  Me?  Distracted?  Anyway, as I was saying.....I couldn't go back to sleep.  I kept thinking about my goals for the day....the things I wanted to get organized and ready for the new year.  As I lay there thinking about this special place for me, I also felt the urgency of the situation.  Maybe it's because I'll be turning 42 in a few weeks.  Maybe it's because of my yearly exam yesterday and the anxious waiting for the mammogram results.  I don't know, but I intend to take advantage of the rest of my time off work and out of school before things get crazy again. 

I've got some new goals and new projects for 2012 and I need to get things ready.  I guess I'm a glutton for punishment too.  I jumped out of bed and started on that book I've been wanting to write for years.  For some reason, it came to mind and my thoughts started flowing.  It's not a self-help book, not an auto biography (only famous people are supposed to write those), but it's the story of my life.  It may never be published, but it's something I can hand down to my son...something that he can read when I'm long gone and remember how much I loved him.

Many people might wonder why I'd write about my life.  Maybe they know something about my past and think I have nothing good to share.  Maybe they know something about my past and see the difference in my life now and wonder why the change?  Regardless, it's something the Lord put on my heart to do long ago.  You see, I've learned alot about myself and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in my soon-to-be 42 years on this earth. 

He has given me a gift for words....oh, how I love words!  They tell a story.  They can tell my story - and YOURS.  If we never share them, what use are they?  Don't keep to yourself the things the Holy Spirit has whispered into your ear in the early morning hours.  Get our your pencil and paper....or your laptop :) and record what the Lord has done for you. 

After all, if the disciples hadn't done this, we wouldn't have the Bible that we do today to teach us and lead us in our lifetimes.  We each have a story to tell, so let's get busy with it already!

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