family & football (Thanksgiving weekend)

We did something a little different at Thanksgiving this year.  We usually go to my grandparents' house for lunch, but this year my sisters and our families had lunch with mama at her house - except for my baby sister,Shaana and her family.  As I've mentioned before, they live in Wake Forest, NC, so we don't get to see them very often (it's a LONG 9 hour ride!).

waiting on the bird to cook....scoping out the sales!

This ain't no "churkey" - lol!

Scott....looking like the cat that swallowed the canary

Since it's been so long since we've celebrated Thanksgiving with Shaana and her family, some of us decided to make the trek north to see them!  We left early that Friday morning after Thanksgiving and stayed until Monday.   My mom even drove up there.....ALL THE WAY THROUGH RALEIGH!  If you knew her, you'd know why that is a huge deal.  She's terrified of driving in large cities!

We also got the chance to see my nephew, Evan play football in a very important game for the Region title.  The game was extra important because it determined whether or not they got to go to Disney World that next week to play for the National Title (Pop Warner Sports).....and they did! 

and they won in Orlando too!
Go Bulldogs! Ruff Ruff!
National Champions!

This is my newphew, Evan and their trophy....nice!

and here are a few other photos of the weekend:
Mama & my baby sister, Shaana

Dillan with my niece, Autumn

My BIL, Chuck....making homemade pizza for us :)

Noah...he's got the moves like Jagger!

Me & Shaana before the big game that weekend

Me & Natalie (bka Sweet Pea)

She's so cute, I could just eat her up! 
I couldn't believe how much she had grown since we last saw her!

It was a long ride up there and back, but so worth it!
I always enjoy hanging out with Shaana & Chuck.  I miss them being close enough to see them on a regular basis, but at least we have Facebook, blogging, and Skype to stay in touch :)

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and I wish you the merriest of Christmas seasons :)

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