a new ride

Well, we finally got around to buying Dillan his first car!  Thankfully, he's had Scott's truck to drive back and forth to school since he turned 16....and it's never really been a problem for him to even borrow my car on the weekends (he doesn't go out on the town very often - lol!).  BUT.....with graduation coming up before we know it, and an unexpected blessing from the Lord, we started looking.

Now I don't think that there is anything too small to pray about.  I believe God wants to hear the desires of our hearts and that he cares about even the "little things" that are on our minds.  Of course, buying a car is not even a "little thing"!

So we hit the road Tuesday after I got home from work to begin our search.  As we rode north, I heard the comments from the Mister about the slim chances of finding something in our price range at a dealership.  He felt we would only find one at a smaller car lot - which most would be closed that late in the day. I was fine with that, but did state that I would not go to a "shady" lookin' place!  Now I'm not trying to sound mean, but it's hard enough to trust a car salesman anyway, much less one in a "shady" get-up. (Sorry, if you're a car salesman....no offense). 

I was able to keep my hopes alive amidst the reality check from my spouse....and yes, that's why God put me with him.  We compliment each other well.  With him, it's the glass half empty and with me it's half full....especially concerning Dill Pickle (that would be Dillan).  Plus, I was prayed up.  I felt confident that God would help us find the right car for Dillan......and that we did!

Check out his 2004 Audi!

It has leather interior, heated seats, sun roof.......
We did good, didn't we?  

I've been meaning to get some pics of the inside too......maybe later.
Isn't God good?

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