love those boys of fall!

Our road to the DOME ended unexpectedly last night.  You would think over the years, it would be easier to lose a game in the State playoffs, but it never is!  If you're not a football lover, you probably don't understand how disappointing it is.  If you're not from a small rural area where high school football is the highlight of the week, you definitely don't understand!

I'm always aware of the senior players and their reactions to playing that last time on a field in high school - especially when it's our home field.  Thankfully, many of them will now start basketball and baseball will be right around the corner.  There's always some sport going on for our kids to stay busy.  And we're fortunate to have alot of players who will go on to play football in college!  It's really fun to see them take it to the next level....to see them on tv! 

After the game last night, I noticed a couple of the senior cheerleaders sitting on the sideline where they cheer.  They were crying.  I instantly flashed back to my senior year.  I told them I remember just like yesterday doing the same thing, only these same two girls got the chance to cheer at the DOME two years ago when we won the State Championship!  They've made some awesome high school memories!

I reminded them that they could even cheer in college if they wanted....and if not, they can just sit with me in the stands next year :)  Once a cheerleader....ALWAYS a cheerleader! 

Me & my 3 sisters.....ALL Patriot Cheerleaders!


Me & Suzanne: DOME 2009
We were State Champs that year!

Me, Suzanne, & Lisa: "Freaky Patriot Fans"
Halloween game 2008

even Scott got in on the action! LOL!
Look at those eye lashes! They drove me crazy that night!

Well, now it's time to get ready for basketball games.  You should see them play basketball!

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