WCHS 2011 Homecoming Week

Homecoming week is always packed full of events....like "Duct (or is it Duck?) Tape Day" and other fun costume days.  Dillan went all out as you can see!  I noticed this morning that he even made the Sunday paper!  You go, boy :)

This is Dixie Edalgo and her dad, Greg.  Dixie was one of the representatives on the Homecoming Court. 

Dixie is such a special young lady...and not just because she's Dillan's cousin :)  She's the kind of person that you always see smiling.  She's an excellent student, softball player, and a friend to everyone.  We are so proud of her!

The Homecoming game was Logan's 1st football game!  He had a ball!

He and my nephew, Walker, decided it was more fun to watch people under the bleachers - lol!  Lord, what did they see? 

Dillan had a "paying gig" for Homecoming.  He was asked to take pictures of one of the young ladies on the court.  He hung out with the girls for a LONG time ;)  They were all so pretty!

This is Quez...a Patriot football player...and our Homecoming King!  Go, Quez!

all 8 girls on the court with their escorts...
I took this from my seat.  Notice...I'm on the 50 yard line!  PREMIUM seats!

the 2010 Queen waiting to crown her successor

Queen Nastasha, 1st runner up Dixie, 2nd runner up Lindsay

2011 Homecoming Court

Where you see "Moore Creative Images" logo on pics, that's Dillan's handiwork!

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