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I'm participating in Kelly's blog series, "Show Us Your Life" and this week we are featuring our pets :)
How fun is that?

Y'all already know how much I love our Lucy girl!  But for those of you who aren't familiar with her story, our lives have been filled with MUCH drama since we found her.  But that's ok.  We were meant to be her people.

This was taken on the way home with her after we spontaneously bought her in Tennessee.
(we live in GEORGIA)
She was the runt of the litter...and the spunkiest one in the bunch.  She was in the bottom of the cage at the time, waiting for the owner to groom her.  Lots of people were looking at these beautiful Shih tzu babies that day...and there were only 2 girls.  I always said if I got an indoor dog, it would be a girl and it would be hypoallergenic.  I didn't really know how many dogs out there were hypoallergenic, so running across her..and her being so dang cute.....really made me want her! 

Thankfully it was meant to be!  We had to wait on a child in a wheelchair to pick out the female she wanted.  We had already wanted this cute little thing with a yellow bow in her hair, but didn't want to be mean.  I promise you, it took this child 20-30 minutes to decide.  I was getting so impatient!  When she picked Lucy up to hold her close, Lucy turned her head away.  She must have spotted us and wanted to be ours - ha!

Needless to say, it was interesting traveling with a puppy to another state!  We stopped at Walmart and bought training pads to put in the floor of the car in an emergency - and it was a good idea!  I'll spare you the details.
We soon realized just how fast her hair would grow!

Doesn't she look like an ewok or gremlin in this picture?  She's sound asleep in my arms:)

Lucy is very curious and decided to taste the fake red apples on the Christmas tree that year!
Thank goodness she came clean!!!

Here she is dressed for Halloween....asleep in her daddy's arms:)
All was well with Lucy until she was 2 years old.

Unfortunately, Lucy had a freak accident at home and cut her left eye.  She had run behind the couch and brushed it across the stereo surround sound wire that we did not know was exposed.  She had to have surgery on it a couple of days later when it was obvious it wasn't going to heal on its own. 

What's worse is the fact that while recovering from surgery and in so much pain, she rubbed her face in her bed and wound up hurting the right eye as well.  We didn't know it at the time, but she has very dry eyes and doesn't produce enough tears to lubricate her eyes like she should.  This made things worse and the right eye had to have emergency surgery as well.  We had to take her to Atlanta late one night in an emergency situation to try to prevent the eyes from rupturing.  Sadly, it did anyway a few days later and had to be removed.  

I started to take pictures of her during the process of healing from all three surgeries, but she looked so pitiful that I couldn't make myself do it.  She's a prissy, proud little girl that loves attention - especially after she's just been groomed.  You should see how she runs through the house and plays when she's just been washed and dried - lol!  Make us giggle every time!

After 4-5 months of healing, this is what she looked like:

That's Allie, her buddy on the porch with her :)  They really love each other!

Her eye still gets red sometimes and we have to put drops in it EVERY DAY to help her produce tears.  But she's doing very well considering all she's been through.  It was hard making the decision to take the right eye out and we did all we could to save it.  But she has excellent doctors and they assured us that she would get around just fine with only one eye.  Needless to say, Lucy is high maintenance, but we gladly do all we can to help her and keep her healthy and happy:)

It's hard to get really good pics of her now, but with her longer hair it's really not too noticeable that she only has one eye.  In this picture, she just happened to close the other one.....it cracks me up....looks like she's posing for the camera.  I'm sure she does get tired of me taking pictures!

Here she is looking out the window at her daddy!

sound asleep in ONE of her beds.....I told you she was spoiled ;)

I didn't realize this post would wind up so long, but I love to talk about our little girl!

Do you have a family pet? 
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Pam said...

She is really adorable. She does look a little like a gremlin. We're thinking of getting another dog, but will have to see if our dog will be friendly with another one.