Deepen your roots

We had a good visit to NGU over the weekend.  It was almost everything we wanted....almost.
Sometimes we think we know what we really want, but when when we look at it face to face, we realize something is still missing.  Long story short: Dillan wants to take a look at some other colleges.  I'm ok with that.  It's very important that HE feels like it's where he needs to be.  As parents, we do have some say-so, but the decision ultimately is his.  I want him to be happy with the choice and that can't be if he only does what his parents think he should do.  Of course, as a parent, I'm terrified of my child making some wrong choices......I know I did at that age!  But I've got to trust his judgment and ultimately trust God to take care of him no matter what.  We are all on a different journey in this life.  God has ordained for us to be in certain places at certain times....and He also allows us the freedom to make our choices.  If we choose the wrong one, He is still there. 

But NGU is an awesome place and I want to tell you about it!  We really loved the feel of the campus and the people we met.  We particularly loved the President of the college.  He is a God-fearing man who truly loves the Lord and loves the students there.  If you are not a Christian when you come to college, it is the goal of the faculty and staff to introduce you to Christ.  If you already are a believer, they want to help deepen your faith - deepen your roots.

When I saw this sign, I thought of Dillan instantly.  He's been looking for a place to spread his roots and grow in Christ and grow in his relationships with others.  He's been so ready to graduate and leave for college in a far away place, that he's kept his roots neatly tucked into a planter, not wanting to get too attached to anything that would keep him here.  Don't laugh at me....he used those words - lol!  After visiting the campus, he just doesn't feel that NGU is that place for him.

"Prayer Garden" on campus
Students come here for some quiet time to listen to God and talk with Him

the chapel where we met the staff and heard all about the college
Dillan and the other students heading off to a meet-n-greet

the bagel/coffee shop across the road.......I would love this place!

the studio for art students

the gallery

more campus beauty....

What a view!

NGU is a great place to learn about God and fellowship with other believers......all while getting a great education! 

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