project & pics

Not only did Scott and I take school supplies to Cherokee Elementary on our latest trip, we also did some work on a deck at the Cherokee Baptist Church parsonage.  

before shots:
Here I am doing a little touch-up work:

We took off a portion of the rails so a wheelchair or scooter could make the turn off the ramp onto the deck area.  This was a necessity for the current residents.  We replaced a small section of rail, painted the entire deck, and added more skid proof surface to the ramp.  

After our handiwork:
Not bad!  You know what?  This wasn't a big project - and it doesn't have to be for God to use you.
Don't ever think you have to do something that looks big and important for you to be used by God to serve and minister to others.
and here's a few more shots of our trip to end this post.......

I love this spot on the river!  This is my kind of swimming hole - the kind we swam in every year as children when our entire family would go camping in the north Georgia mountains.....sweet memories :)

Paul's Family Restaurant
a great place to eat!  a little slow getting the food, but worth the wait :)

I never get tired of looking at those mountains!
There are no words..... Ha!

children playing in the waterfalls at the downtown park
not a care in the world :)

Cherokee syllabus on light pole
 hard to say goodbye to those beautiful Smoky Mountains!