"Busy" should be an ugly word

I know I've probably blogged this before......but it really does seem like forever since I wrote anything "heart-worthy" on here.  Is that a word?  Well, regardless..... that's how I feel.

Life is just crazy busy!  Sometimes I feel like I'm just too tired to even log on and see what my peeps in blog world are up to :(  But I realized something  recently...

Some how, amidst all the craziness of family, work, school, children, church, ministry, etc. etc. etc. -
I'm keeping my sanity!  The house isn't always as clean as I'd like, the porches need to be swept, and I still have lots of items not checked off my to-do list, but it's ok.

Somehow, the things that matter each day are getting done.  I'm finding time to catch quick naps to rejuvenate myself on some of the busiest days....and that's very important when there's homework due by midnight!  I'm stealing a few minutes here and there to FB or eat supper with my family....and enjoy meaningful conversation.

You know, when it all comes down to it.....we do what we really want to do.

Pure and simple.

Whatever our priorities are....they will come through...shining like jewels in our pile of dirty laundry and 4 pair of shoes in the living room that shouldn't be there ;) 

It's so important to MAKE TIME for what matters.  What matters to me?

My relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

My husband.........

My son..........

Lucy love!
and of course, my entire family!  Who couldn't love them?
There are so many things that matter to me.....things that I want to accomplish.  I have short-term goals and long-term goals.  But I'm learning more and more the older I get, to just take it one day at a time!

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