Boston Baby!

Well, I finally got around to posting some of the pictures of Dillan's trip to Boston!

taken from the plane....not sure if taking off or getting ready to land?

They drove from Wake Forest, NC so of course, they had to pass by New York
I think Dillan wanted to jump out of the car - ha!
thought this was a really cool evening shot...taken somewhere along the way
New York in the distance, maybe?  Guess I should've asked Dillan before posting

We're from a small town in GA called "Rochelle"
Who knew there was another?
street performer in Boston

something about this reminds me of "CSI"?
Dillan took lots of pics of the skyskrapers.....imagine that :)

Fenway Park

I love the way the sun is gleaming off this building!

I couldn't stand traffic like this, but Dillan thinks it's great!

Guess where we may send him for his Senior trip?
New York!
but mama's going too!

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