back to school & back to Cherokee

We went back to Cherokee, NC to do a couple of mission projects this weekend. 
Thanks to the good folks at First Baptist of Rochelle, we collected a good number of school supplies to take to Cherokee Elementary School.  We managed to cram 46 packs of pencils, 48 packs of paper, 56 crayon boxes, 17 pair of childrens' scissors, 106 glue sticks, and much more into 4 boxes for the kids in the school in need of school supplies! 

Cherokee Schools are 1A schools.  The elementary, middle, and high school are all at the same location.

They had their first football game that Friday night.  I thought about our Wilcox Patriots and having to miss their game while out of town :(  They won big, though!  Unfortunately, Cherokee lost theirs, but I'm hoping they will have a good season this year too.  And I hope the school supplies will come in handy for some of the kids who might not have an easy time of getting some of the things they need for school.
I will be in prayer for these students and I'm asking you to pray for them as well.

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