a little of this & a little of that

This past week or so just seems like a blurrrrrr!  It all started when I left work at lunch one day - sick as a dog!.....and it went down hill from there!  I'm so glad to be feeling better!  Not sure what it was - little bit of a virus and alot of a summer cold? 

I've been busy with school work too.  Last week was the first week of class for my D term this summer semester.  I've got 3 classes going all at one, but so far - so good :)

I have to tell you that I LOVE my CCOU class (Christian Counseling for Women).  It's AWESOME!  And guess who helped write the book and shares in some of the lessons (including video)?  BETH MOORE!  It just doesn't get any better than that!  It's not like taking a class at all.....just pure enjoyment and lots of great information to help us in our walk with Christ.

Let's see.....what else has happened lately? mmmmmmmmmm

Oh! I got an elliptical machine yesterday!  I'm so excited!  I've been wanting to get a used one for a while now and one just almost landed in my lap the other day.  My cousin that lives right here in the same subdivision had one and wanted to get rid of it.  So we picked it up yesterday afternoon.

What did y'all do for the 4th?  I think it's the first time we haven't gone somewhere to cook out and swim in several years.  But it just seemed like everyone was busy this year and we had a few projects around the house that we needed to finish.  I decided to take advantage of me and Scott both being off the same day and we finished the filing cabinet and dresser we had lined up to do.  The only thing lacking is the hardware on the dresser and I couldn't find what I needed while ago at Home Depot.  Hopefully we'll find what we need some time soon and I'll show you the before and after pics of this project :)

I'm also giving a baby shower at my house this Sunday afternoon.  Lots of fun!  I love planning the decorations for events like that :)  I'll be sure to share a few pictures of the decorations with you later.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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