Flying Solo

Dillan's flying to Raleigh.....right as we speak!

He's looking forward to some time with my sister, Shaana and her family: her husband, Chuck; the kids: Evan, Noah, & Natalie

Chuck, Shaana, & kids

They will be heading to Boston Thursday for a Runner's Day Camp (mission camp) sponsored by their church, North Wake.  I'll post a link to Shaana's blog later about what camp is all about.

My husband and I, along with some other family members, are heading to NC next Friday to enjoy a long weekend with them...and to pick up Dillan.

Please pray for Dillan's safety on the flight and for the entire team's safety as they travel to and from Boston.

May God be glorified in all they do and may He touch the hearts of the children and adults volunteers at camp :)

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