Family Fun in Wake Forest

We finally found time to go to Wake Forest, NC and visit my sister, Shaana and her family.  As you already know, Dillan had been up there with them for 10 days.  Part of his time with them was spent in Boston on a mission trip.  I'll get some photos from them to share with you about that a little later.

But here are a few highlights of the trip......

Who knew "Just Dance" could be so fun?
(looks like cheerleader moves...Patriot cheerleaders, I might add - ha!)
Even Scott & Chuck got in on the action - ha!

 and we relaxed.....

and visited with family we don't see often
(my cousin, Chris and his kids..they live close to Raleigh)

and we played....
and played...

There was a tea party.......

and tree climbing...

a visit to"Sweet Spoons" for fro-yo (yum!)

there was "girl pitching & boy pitching"
My niece, Autumn got a chance to fast pitch to Evan...he got a couple of small hits ;)

and we found another letter box....in the dark! Man..we're good!
If you aren't familiar with letter boxing, go to http://letterboxing.org/
It's like going on a treasure hunt!  My family has found them in several places we've vacationed
It's lots of fun and doesn't cost a dime!

We found Scott's picture in this guitar magazine!
see....here he is
second from the left....taken at Tybee Island at my cousin, Carrie's wedding

We also visited the seminary campus where Chuck attends classes
and tried to get a picture of all Nana's grand kids
Notice I said, "tried"....
Chuck & Shaana's friend, Kelly, is the seminary photographer.
She was kind enough to offer to take some photos for us.  I'll share those later.

I sure had missed this fellow before we got up there!
 We're all back at home now...rested up from that long drive home.

But this sign says it all:

Wake Forest is like no place else!

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