Summer Time = Girls Softball

"Lead-off"  coming to the plate
I enjoyed watching my niece, Autumn, play in a tournament this week.  They played a double-header for the championship this morning...boy was it HOT!!!

here's comes the ball!

and Autumn's on 1st!

ready and waitin' to run.....

"Y'all don't leave me stranded!"

a look at Autumn pitching........

I love this shot!

here comes the Kramer heat! (ha! don't ask!)

her sister got bored and went to play putt-putt :)

"I wonder what the score is now?"

waiting to get their trophies

We got 2nd place! Not too bad for the first tournament of the summer!

I got her to turn around for a quick pic

prayer circle after the game

Autumn with her trophy
(she didn't really want me to take her picture...said her hair was messed up)
yep....she sounds like she should've belonged to me ;)

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