Pottying and Pea Plants

This is our pea patch.  I'm so excited to have a little garden again!

It won't be long and some of them will be blooming
I took Lucy out to potty while ago and she ventured out toward the garden for the first time.
She had not noticed it before (probably because we always rush her back inside when she's done with her business....it's either hot, buggy, cold, or something....we're such selfish humans). 
Poor thing! She hardly ever gets to explore :(

"What?  I didn't pee in the pea patch.....I promise!"

She really checked out the plants!
That's her best friend, Allie, in the background.
I've never seen a cat that loves a dog so much.....they're buddies :)

"Why do you keep watching me like
I'm gonna do something wrong?"


This is Heidi, Allie's mother
I have never known a dirtier cat!  She's always rolling in the dirt!
When she was little, we'd have to wipe her mouth after she ate.  She never seemed to be able to get herself cleaned up - lol!  Only my cat....right?

Since I was allowing Lucy to roam around a while, I walked around the yard myself.  I couldn't help but to think about how the simple pleasures of life can make me smile...IF I will slow down and take the time to appreciate them.  Like this tree (bush) for instance.  It was very small when we planted it three years ago.  I told Scott I wanted them on the end of the beds at the front of the house and for them to grow up to be shaped like Christmas trees.  I had no idea what I was buying and he didn't think they'd get big enough or full enough.  But look!  It's coming around :)

And this little Sega Palm (how do you spell that?  Yes...I'm too lazy to Google it right now).
I thought I killed it when I planted it outside.  I enjoyed it inside for a while, but soon realized I'd have to move it outside.  It looked like it died after that, but I left it there.....just hoping it would come back.  I just noticed it right now.........it's green again!  It's alive!!!!!

Yes, it's the little things in life that make me happy.  Watching my Lucy girl play outside......seeing a new yard really start to take shape.......a pea patch to enjoy in a few weeks...... etc. etc. etc.

What little things make y'all happy?

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