Do it "yo self"!

Remember this?

and how it became this?

Well, we're at it again!  Guess what I found in the same old thrift store? 

Yep, the sister to the desk!!  And I've been looking for an old dresser to redo for our bedroom for a while!  How blessed I am!  I didn't even know there was another piece to this set in that store.....they probably didn't either ;)

It looks rough right now, (mainly because it's YELLOW!) but I can see the end result.....just look at the desk!  They both have so much character!  I love the fact that the front is curved instead of flat. 

They were obviously part of a set at one time.  The dresser has different hardware than the desk....and will definitely have to go!  But there's nothing structurally wrong with the piece...nothing that a couple of cans of spray paint and some new hardware won't cure.  And it has so much more room than my current dresser.  Now I just need a chest to complete the set :)  I wonder if I'll find it too?

Our master bedroom has been a work in progress for a while now.  I got bogged down with school work and such, but I'm all excited again now that I've got another piece to help complete the room!

Oh!  Before I forget.  Look what else I found right next to the dresser......a cute little filing cabinet to keep files in next to my desk.......
I've never seen one like it before.  Have you?  And it was just $10.00 people!  I paid a total of $60.00 for both pieces!  And look here........
The top opens up like this for hanging files!  How cute is this?!  It actually looks big in the picture, but it's really not.  It will be perfect for my office area!  I can hardly wait to get through with this project and show you the end results!

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