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I'm finally getting around to doing a post about Dillan's recent mission trip to Jamaica.  Since I was not actually there, I'm sure I won't do it justice, but I wanted to show you a few photos to document what he shared with me about this great adventure.  This first picture is my fave! Dillan and his little friend, Maurice.

But let's start from the beginning:

Dillan waiting to leave port

a view of Miami

Miami Beach
(Dillan said it was tempting to want to stay there!)

This picture cracks me up - lol! 
This is a view of their tiny room for 4!  Look at the expressions on their faces - Ha!

Approaching Jamaica

their mission team
Yep.... they were put on a mission team with the Crabb Family!  If I knew how to do it, I'd make an arrow on this picture pointing to Jason Crabb.  Do you see him? 

some of the Jamaican greeters

The Jamaicans were so excited about the 3,000 passengers getting off this ship.  Christians were asked by the government in Jamaica to come and share Christ with those in prison, on the streets, and in the schools.  What would happen in America if we were allowed to do that?  

The girls loved braiding Lacey's hair!

Dillan got to fulfil his dream of playing soccer with kids in another country

The kids loved all the extra attention :)

had to include this one again......Dillan and Maurice :)

Dillan thought it was hilarious that even Jamaican kids know "deuces" - lol!

Thousands attended the Praise Fest on the beach and picked up much needed school supplies

The crusade lasted about 10 hours that Wednesday night!  Dillan and the group from our church managed to stand there for 7 hrs before giving out.  There were thousands of confirmed salvations as a result of this mission effort!  To God be the glory!

I'll try to fill you in on more details or show a few more pics soon.............


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yay! that's awesome!!!!!!!!

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