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Yesterday morning, I took Dillan to the church to meet up with the others from the mission team headed to Jamaica this week.  On the quick ride there from the house, I reminded him (for the 20th time, probably - lol!) how to use his money wisely.  They don't use cash on the cruise ship, only "Sail" accounts and then there's the currency exchange on the island.  Those are the kind of details that bring out the "mama" in me.  Since he was a little boy, I've tried to teach him how to handle money wisely when he's away from home.  I've always had a horror that he'd be at a youth camp or something and wouldn't be prepared for the unexpected and have no money for the trip home - lol!  Thankfully, that's not happened and he's been a pretty responsible teenager.  That alone makes it possible for me to NOT worry about him when he's away.  In a year from now, he'll be leaving for college, so I'm glad he has a good track record :)

But I can honestly say that I'm not worried about him being on this trip without me at all!  Nope, not even the fact that he's going to another country!  No sirree!! He's in great hands!  If Dillan's not going to be with his family, his church family is the next best thing!

Dillan and his chaperon (adopted mother) for the trip...Mrs. Jenna Rossman

Scott and I weren't going to be able to go on this trip, and Dillan had to have an adult be responsible for him.  Jenna graciously accepted the responsibility.  Jenna drives the church bus for our youth to alot of their functions and they LOVE her so much!  The fact that she loves their kind of music makes her even more dear to them :) 

Mission Team
This is a link about the mission trip they are on if you'd like to take a look.

and this is the link if you'd like to see the ship they're on and all the great fun to be had!

I'm not certain, but I think the ship was due to leave port around 4:00 this afternoon.  They planned on boarding by lunch, so that would give them plenty of time to get settled in and start getting acquainted with their "home away from home" for the week. 

Right about now, I'm missing the convenience of modern technology to keep in touch with Dillan.  We decided it would be better for him to leave his cell at home because of international roaming charges and all.  Not that he and I call or text each other alot, but he also didn't need the distraction of a ringing phone or constant texts this week anyway - which is the norm for teens now.  But I'm missing the convenience that a cell phone would give when I think about how fun it would be for me to see a picture of what he's seeing right about now or to hear him exclaim amazement over such an amazing experience.

I'm wondering if he's on the top deck at this moment looking out over the vast ocean and the night sky and thinking about  how AWESOME AND POWERFUL our Creator is!  He created the world with just a spoken word....and that reminds me of how powerful words really are.  Or is he taking advantage of the all you can eat 24/7 pizza buffet?  He might even be at a concert right now.....alot of good artist/groups and preachers are on the ship with them for this event.  They are being spiritually fed and entertained and trained for what they will do when they get to Jamaica.

Did you know that the government asked for Christians to come to Jamaica and go into their schools and prisons?  Wow.....what would happen in America if our government begged Christians to do the same?

Regardless of what my boy is up to right now, I know God is up to BIGGER things.  He's prepared the way for this trip....for each and every individual that's on board this ship.  Isn't that awesome?  3,000 Believers are on board for the Lord!!!

I can't wait to hear all about it and to see all the pictures that Dillan will take. 

more to come.............


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