Just Catching Up

My life has been crazy the past couple of months...you can probably tell that by the lack of recent posts.  I guess the majority of the "busyness" has been my school work.  Spring semester almost killed me! 

Even though I was only taking 6 credit hours, it was the first time I've had 2 classes simultaneously (I usually take my classes in sub-terms for 8 week periods).  It's alot of info crammed into a small amount of time, but I can handle almost anything for 8 weeks at a time ;)  Spring semester would not have been so bad except that one of the classes was math (which I DESPISE!) and the other a Biology/Physiology class that was soooooo HARD!  Some how I pulled out a "B" in both classes and was so grateful to be done with them.  It's been kinda hard for me to accept Bs but I'm learning to be ok with them. (Y'all know I'm a perfectionist....I got to do something about that!) It's like my sister said: A doctor that graduates at the bottom of his class is still a doctor! 

Let's see....what else has been going on?  mmmmmmmm

We had our community Relay for Life on April 29th.  I haven't been part of our church's team the past 2 years, but I believe in supporting such a worthy cause through donations and by attending the candle light ceremony at the relay that is done to honor those battling cancer and to remember those who've lost their fight with this horrible disease.  April 28th was the 4 year anniversary of my daddy's death from pancreatic cancer.

Me, Mama, Lisa, & Suzanne at the Relay
Oh!!! I got a new car Mother's Day weekend..... a Kia Sportage! 

I really was not wanting to have to get another car.....wouldn't it be nice to go without payments for at least a year before the things start becoming money pits?!  I like it though.  It's really good on gas mileage.  It also had alot of bells & whistles I'm not accustomed to, but am learning to love - like the blue tooth capabilities.  When my cell rings, no more hunting for it in my purse or holding my phone to my ear while driving/drinking coffee, and jamming with praise music :)  Scott (you know how men love toys/gadgets!) had things set up for me immediately and all I do is hit a button on the steering wheel to talk when a call comes in.  The radio even goes off! How cool is that?

On a bad note.....I hit a rabbit a couple of weeks ago and it busted the plastic covering on the bottom of the vehicle.  Why do they even put plastic under there?  It wouldn't have made me so mad if it wasn't for the fact that I'd already gone through that several times in my Magnum (which is easier to understand since it sits low to the ground), but I haven't even made the first payment on it!  Thank goodness it was only around $75 to get replaced!  My family laughed about it because they know I don't swerve for anything....I'll mow you down if you get in my way - lol!!!

Well, school officially ended here last Friday and graduation was on the following Saturday.  I was very emotional all weekend just thinking about the fact that Dillan's an official Senior now and every event this coming year of school will be his last for those high school years :( 

He's more than ready to graduate, but I'm gonna do my best to help him enjoy this last year the most. I know I'm gonna relish having my baby boy at home under my wings one more year :)

They had their Honor's program at the high school on the 13th and Dillan received a Georgia Certificate of Merit from the University System of Georgia.  He's actually 3rd in his class in GPA ranking!  We are so very proud of him. 

He will be leaving this Sunday with a group from our church to go on a mission trip to Jamaica (Crusie for a Cause).  I wish we had been able to go with him, but he's in good hands for his first international mission trip....I'm so excited for him!  He can't wait to get there and capture the children in the schools through the lens of his camera. 

On a serious note: I would appreciate your prayers so much for me right now.  I'm starting school full time this fall in order to graduate in the spring.  It'll be hard, but I know I can do it with God's help. There's also something in the works for ministry opportunities and work and I ask that you go to the Lord on my behalf asking that His will be done.  I've learned the hard way, that He definitely knows what's best for me :)

I'll try not to be a stranger......what have y'all been up to?  What are your plans for the summer?

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