Easter 2011

Here's a few photos to capture our family's Easter Sunday:

Me & Scott
This is what the Easter Bunny left:
the basket of toys is for Lucy and the gold and silver eggs were hid in the yard with money in them for the boys.  They both had a gold & silver egg to find!

After everyone got out of church, we had lunch at Mama's.  We've only got a couple of kids around here that are still young enough to want to have an Easter egg hunt, but we still have fun! 

The teens hid all of the eggs:
Servin' up a tray of eggs!
the wreath on Mama's front door
The egg hunters are ready to go!!!
I see one!
Walker really got "into" the egg hunting this year! 
He brought the ones that looked like Veggie Tales - and he didn't want us to eat them - lol!

Our boys: the Jolly Green Giant and Sprout - lol!
my sister, Suzanne
some of the guys

They found them all!

Anna needed a bigger basket!
Walker's basket full
The Easter Bunny left something for me at Mama's :)
Pillsbury's new Easter cookies.....tastes like homemade tea cakes....YUM!

I hope everyone had a blessed and Happy Easter!
He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!!!

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