Things that make you go mmmm......

These are a few things that I'm just lovin' right now.....so I thought I'd share them with you in case you haven't tried them:

Suave's NEW Touchable Finish hairspray......it smells so good!  There's nothing I hate more than the smell of the original hairsprays :(  They stink so bad!  If I've got to use it, I want it to smell good :)  And it's also a great price.
Nabisco's "Mister Salty" Milk Chocolate Pretzels!  Only 100 calories!!
A great snack with a little salt and a little chocolate....can't beat it :)
I'm also loving Victoria's Secret, "Pink"
I had not tried it before, but when we were at Shaana's for a visit, she had some lotion on her vanity that I tried.  It smells really good!

Speaking of Vicky's Secret, I'll never forget years ago when Dillan was a young boy...well, younger boy.  We had gone shopping with Chance and Kandice and the girls decided we needed to run into Vicky's Secret.  While I don't like the advertisements that this store flaunts to the public, I do like their products.  We left Dillan with the guys and went in to browse.  Just while we were admiring some lovely lingerie, Dillan pops up and says, "There you are!".  And I screamed!  Yes, I did!  I know people thought I was crazy, but I didn't want my boy looking at bras and panties and such!  Too much for innocent eyes, you know?  For some reason, he thought his mama had gotten lost and knew that was the last place he had seen me go - ha ha!  We laughed really hard about it later....AFTER I got him out of the store :)
That's just a few of the things I'm enjoying right now.  Tell me, what things make you go mmmmmm? (and keep it clean...innocent eyes are watching)

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Melissa@Little Log House Chronicles said...

I'll have to check for that hairspray in Canada. I'm with you on the smell of hairspray...yuck!