Out with the old

Those of you who have been following me for a while, know that I decided to do away with my old blog.  It was just too much trying to keep up with two separate blogs.

I have not deleted the old one just yet and you will still see a link to it on this site.  I wanted to take my time and decide what posts to keep and transfer over to this site.  There were so many memories over there that I hated to just delete all of them.

Well, guess what?  I got brave yesterday and decided to learn how to export/inport all of those posts from one blog to the other....and I did it!!!  At least it looks like it on my end.  Everything is there and it's dated as it was originally posted. 

But I have a favor to ask of you.   If you are a "Follower", please go to my "Whispers From Wildwood" and let me know if everything looks right.  In other words, do you immediately see posts from way back when posted as current posts? 

I just went back and deleted a few posts that wouldn't make sense and be confusing.  I know my friend Mountain Mama must have seen the post from my old blog about relocating and she's confused about where I am.  I'm still here.....don't forget about me! :)

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