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Today I'm participating in Show Us Your Life - Show Us Your Family at Kelly's Korner.  We talk about our immediate families ALOT here in blog land, but this is to give our readers a little bit more information about the family we grew up in.

But you know I've still got to share photos of the Mister and kids!

This is Scott.....the love of my life....(in case you forgot what he looks like - ha!)

This is my son, Dillan (the speedster) Moore.  Isn't he cute?

My step-son, Austin
We've got to get Dillan to chase him with the camera and get a good photo! He's a cute redhead :)

and the ever-so-popular Miss Lucy - can't leave her out!

But here's who I'm supposed to be talking about:
This is my daddy, George T. Futch, Jr.  He's gone on to heaven now - and I can't wait until I see him again!  I know I'm supposed to want to see Jesus first when I get there, but the human side of me wants my earthly father to be there at the gate waiting on me.  Daddy lost his 4 month battle with Pancreatic cancer almost 4 years ago.  As time goes on and I reflect back on the years, I realize just how much he did influence me.  I think I get my determination and "fight" from him.  Without that, I'm not sure how I would've survived all these years!  He was a good father, always providing for his family.

Although Daddy never had a son, he took pleasure in taking me hunting with him and proudly displayed my trophy kill in the back of his truck that day :)  He sat in the stands and watched all four of us girls as we cheered on the Varsity cheerleading squads and ALWAYS did 'sign language' to let us know when he wanted us to do his favorite cheer - ha!  He had a crazy sense of humor!  He enjoyed our husbands and loved his grandchildren.  He proudly pulled them on our family Christmas floats every year with his antique tractor.  His last parade with us we finally won 1st place!

This is my mother, Nancy Walker Futch.  I've never seen a woman more devoted to a man than Mama was to Daddy!  He and her children have always been her world.  She has always put God first and then family and would gladly go without to provide things for others.  She's a little shy, but loves to laugh - even at herself :)  She loves gospel music and was the song leader in our church for many years.  I'm proud to say that she is one of my best friends and I love to spend time with her.

Mama's never been much of an animal person, but we were still allowed to have pets growing up. 
It's funny to see her now with Lucy.....she LOVES that dog and that dog loves her Nana!  All you have to do is mention my mama's name and Lucy runs to the door, hoping to see her walk in.  We are "chopped liver" when my mama's around :)

Mama with her girls

Me and my sisters
(left to right): Suzanne, Shaana, Lisa, & Lynn

Let me tell you a little more about them:

* Suzanne is a year younger than me.  She's married and has 2 beautiful girls.  Her oldest daughter is said to act just like her Aunt Lynn!  I have no idea why - lol!  We just knew her girls would be cheerleaders, but they love softball!  Suzanne and her husband are very devoted parents and willingly sacrifice alot of time to be with their girls.  Suzanne sings with me and Scott on the Praise & Worship team at church.  She works in accounting and is one of the most organized, smartest people I know.  Her attention to detail is unbelievable!

* Shaana is the baby sister.  She was a surprise!  And we wanted her to be a brother!  But God knew what He was doing.  She and I share alot in common and are very close.  We even have migraines around the same time sometimes!  Shaana is married and has three children, 2 boys and a precious little girl - my "sweet pea".  Her children will have you rolling in the floor laughing at any time!  There's never a dull moment when they're around.  Her husband, Chuck is like the brother I never had.  They live out of state and he is a seminary student.  I look up to them in many ways.  I'm very proud of Shaana....she just earned her Associate degree in Psychology!  Shaana also has a blog.  Check it out sometime! Matters of the Heart

* Lisa is our oldest sister.  She's two years older than me.  I have never known a girl to love the Lord so much at such an early age!  Lisa has a beautiful voice and began singing at an early age.  To be so tiny, it was unbelievable what came out of her mouth when she sang!  Can you say, "Sandy Patti"?  Lisa is an elementary school teacher and is married and has 3 children.  Her oldest is in his first year in college and her youngest is 3 years old!  He was a surprise, but such a blessing for our family after Daddy died. Her daughter is a great softball player - nope, not a cheerleader either! 

Well, that's just a little about my family growing up.  I've been very blessed and it's been fun sharing a little with you about each of them :)

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