The Mister has been hard at work!

This is just SOME of the mess items that came out of the utility room!
It's been out of control for a LONG time! Sorry, honey...you know it's true ;)
I've been after him to clean it up for a while.  Y'all know how much I hate disorganization!
Well, the Mister got busy the other day while I was taking a nap.
He mentioned that he couldn't put the things back in there (it's such a tiny little room....a last minute addition to our house plans making use of the space underneath the stairs) until he got some shelves put up.  He was in the mood to do it, so I took full advantage of it and we flew to Home Depot!  Really all he needed was a couple of long shelves to get things up off the floor....nothing complicated.
The beginning of progress!  You should've seen it before!  I was too embarrassed to take a picture - Ha!
Not too bad for a long, skinny room :)
And we were finally able to add an upright freezer for all that deer meat that I will provide this fall ;)
Hee Hee!
Now we just need to get a few other things organized in the garage itself.  Maybe one day we will be able to build a shop, but for now, at least he can back the cars out and use this area as a work space for all MY DIY projects :)

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