Love those Smoky Mountains!

Well, we made it to Cherokee!  We left out this morning around 8:30 and just took our time getting up here.  We stopped for a late breakfast and then again in Rabun County (north Georgia).  We just happened to see a sign that said "Foxfire Museum".  If you're not familiar with the term, "foxfire", well....it's a book series that was written by high school students in Rabun County years ago.  The books are stories of actual interviews done with mountain people and their way of life.  Scott LOVES these books and has the entire collection!

We didn't know there was a museum, so we stopped by to see what it was about.  We had to go a long way up a mountain to get to it!  I felt a little car sick by the time we got up there...but my cappacino I had been sipping on helped nurse me back to health - ha!  It had started to rain on us coming up here and was raining when we went in this gift shop.  Lucky for us, it's open on Mondays too, so we plan to stop back by on the way home and take the tour.  It's a walk through a village of 19 homes and buildings (actual homesteads that were brought in here).  She said it would take about 1-1 1/2 hrs on the self-guided tour.  We're hoping it won't be raining Monday so we can see everything and take pictures too.  The rain kept me from taking any pictures at all today!

We spent some time in downtown Cherokee this afternoon.  We always love shopping in the souvenir shops and flea markets!  It dawned on us earlier today that we had never been here in the early spring before.  There's a BIG difference in the crowds now compared to the summer or fall.....it's not busy at all today.  But that gave us an opportunity to talk with some locals.

In one gift shop, we talked to two women that worked there - sisters, Lola and Linda.  Turns out they are both married to full-blooded Cherokee.  And Lola and her husband attend the church we will be visiting tomorrow morning!  Isn't God good like that?  These two ladies were both very helpful in giving us information about the area.  They also told us about another church in the area that does alot of ministry for the citizens here...food bank, clothes, etc.  We are hoping to visit with them tomorrow evening.

Well, that's about all to report for right now.  We're so glad to be here!  The mountain are just beautiful...what we can see of them.  It's so foggy that they're hiding from me :(

I'll check back in tomorrow - hopefully with some pictures too :)

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