A hand held

I was a witness to something the other night that I never want to see again. 

We were on our way home from church - it was between 8:00 - 8:30 p.m.  Not far from the house, we noticed a wreck up ahead.  There was a badly beaten up car in the ditch.  I noticed a couple of vehicles had pulled over.  As we pulled off the road, the truck's headlights shined right on the car's victim.  (Out of respect for this person, I will not mention any names and I actually don't know her personally). 

I didn't see her at first because I was looking toward the car in the distance.  My heart had stopped because all I could tell about it was the color - white.  My mama's car is white and she had gone this same route ahead of us.  I knew in my mind that she should already be at our house because I had spoken with her on the phone earlier.  But my heart stopped....not knowing for sure at that second.

A pastor from a local church had called in the accident to 911 after coming up on it.  When we pulled up, he was looking into the car for the victim.  He didn't realize she had been thrown from the car and was lying further away.  My husband immediately saw her when we pulled over.  He's been trained as a First Responder and worked numerous wrecks on I75 through the years.  He later explained to me that he didn't expect the person/s to be in the vehicle because of all the items that had been thrown all along the ditch.

I'm not good with measurements to explain to you how far things were found from the car, but I've never seen anything like it before.  My husband immediately got out of the car to check on the victim and hollered over to the other two people where she was.  I started to stay in the truck with my son since I don't know anything about medical procedures, but I just had to go to this girl...not knowing if she was even alive.

She did have a pulse and was breathing, but that was about it.  Soon she began to try to move a little and Scott kept telling her to remain still ....that help was on the way.  My heart broke for her, knowing how badly she must be hurting and couldn't communicate.  Scott must have read my mind because he told me, "It's ok if you hold her hand".  And that's what I did.  It wasn't much, but all I could think about was if that was my child lying there hurt so badly, I would want someone to comfort him. 

I immediately began praying silently over her and in just a matter of seconds, the pastor came over and he, Scott, and I touched and he prayed God's protection and peace over this young lady.

It seemed to calm her for a while.  Eventually, she did finally get her other hand out from under her without moving the rest of her body and grabbed a hold to my other hand as soon as I touched hers.  I stayed right there with her even as the EMT's arrived and began assessing her.  I didn't let go until I had to.

What made things even scarier is that because she couldn't communicate, we didn't know if she had a passenger with her.  We couldn't find anyone, but when it's dark outside and a wooded area, you just can't be certain.  It turned out that she was traveling alone.

The last I heard, she was still in critical condition, but stable.  I'm very thankful for the EMT service we have in our county and for all of the first responders/volunteer firemen who volunteer their time for our citizens.  And I'm thankful for a husband that responds to emergency situaitions with wisdom and calm.  I tell him all the time that he's my doctor - ha ha!

I hope I never have to witness anything like this again, but at the same time,  experiencing something like this put some things in perspective for me.....things that were bothering me that really don't amount to a "hill of beans" in the long run.  I'm very thankful that God uses circumstances to teach us and guide us. 

If you happen to read this, please say a prayer for this young lady.  It doesn't matter what her name is....God knows who she is.


mountain mama said...

oh, so glad you all were there for that!! it sounds like God put you right where you needed to be.

i know how the adrenaline rushes the body...not fun for you.

God bless~

Melissa@Little Log House Chronicles said...

Sad story. That's a terrible thing to come across especially when, even for a split second, you think it is a loved one of yours.
The young woman was obviously blessed to have, first of all, a Pastor and then a first responder to be some of the first upon the scene.