Foxfire and Aunt Arie

Foxfire Museum & Heritage Center
Mountain City, Ga. (Rabun County)
Have you ever heard of foxfire? How about the Foxfire book series?  I hadn't either until I started dating Scott.  I'm not sure if I know how to exactly describe what 'foxfire' is because I've never actually seen it....but it's something that grows on pieces of wood in the mountains at a certain time of the year and it glows in the dark.  (I'm sure Scott will correct me on this if I'm explaining it wrong - ha!).

Ok. Scott is now going to correct me: Foxfire is part of the photosynthesis process.....you can only see it on REALLY dark nights....it's actually part of the  process of the wood rotting..... Thank you very much, Mr. Langford.  Somehow I knew I wasn't getting it right ;)

Back in 1966 in Rabun County, a teacher and some high school students began interviewing the 'mountain folk' about their way of life through the years.  Out of it was born a series of books, a magazine, and this museum and heritage center.  Scott's read ALL of the books, but we didn't know that this place existed until we saw the sign Saturday morning on our way up to Cherokee.  (Speaking of reading, you should see us at night.  I'm over there on my side of the bed reading books from authors like Beth Moore and George W. Bush.  Scott's on his side reading survival books and stuff like the Foxfire series.  I guess I'll keep us in tune with God and he can make sure we survive whatever comes our way - lol!) 

So anyway.....we took the tiny pig trail up the mountain and visited the tiny museum.  It was raining, so we decided to come back by Monday on our way home to take the self-guided tour of the homes and other buildings.  Most of the structures are the actual buildings that were moved to this site, only a few have been built to be replicas.  So let me give you a quick tour of some of what we saw:

heading up the trail........boy am I out of shape!

Savannah House
The picture above is the first house on the tour.  This is what a typical hearth would look like..and of course, they'd always sit close to the fire to stay warm. 

This rope bed (in the Savannah House) actually belonged to Aunt Arie, one of Foxfire's dearest contacts.  She even has a book that's completely about her life - and Scott dearly loves this character!

Their door hinges were made completely of wood!

some type of flower growing along the trail.....does anyone know what this is?

The wagon in the picture above (Zuraw Wagon) is the only documented wagon known to have traveled to Oklahoma in the Trail of Tears, the forced relocation of the Cherokee Indians from this region.  It was built completely by hand in the 1700's. 
FYI: There was also a 'hog scalding pot' at a location near to this wagon shed, but the thought of it grossed me out so I didn't get a picture of it!

just an inside look at the wagon

Moore House

a view upstairs in the gristmill

The higher we climbed, the foggier it got....after all, we were on top of a mountain!

Scott attempting to walk on stilts - ha ha!



Let me try it again!
Don't ask me why the stilts were there?

Goin' to the chapel!
A look inside the chapel

They didn't actually have stained glass in churches back then, but this was salvaged from an old church that had burned.  The students wanted to find a new home for it so they put it in the chapel here.

These are actual coffins from this time period.
No one should ever have to see one as small as that one on the right!

I tried to get Scott to lay in the big one for a picture, but he wasn't game - ha!

another pretty flower along the path

This gristmill was discovered near the lower end of Aunt Arie's driveway. 
It was purchased and moved here in 1972. 

If you are ever in the area, I encourage you to visit the Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center.  I've always enjoyed touring places like this.  It's neat to see how people used to live and it gives me a renewed appreciation for history and the way of life in years past.

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