Coincidence = God Working Anonymously

Ok.  Dillan let the cat out of the bag.....so I think it's ok that I actually write a post about this incident.  I never intended it to be kept secret anyway, but as a mother, I think twice before putting something on the world wide web about my child - something that he might not want known.

Anyway.....he got stopped by State Patrol this morning on his way to school.  Yes.....I was horrified!  But I actually remained very calm when he told me the news.  Me? Calm?  Yep.  But there's a reason why.

First of all, right when I walked in the door and saw him, I sensed something was not right.  I asked him what was wrong and he just blurted it all out: "I got pulled over on the way to school this morning because I was running late BUT I didn't get a ticket!"  That told me right there that he had had a VERY LONG day wondering if he was going to be in trouble at home.  I almost laughed sensing the relief he must have felt at the moment!

If you know Dillan, you know he has a conscience like very few.  He can't stand to do something wrong.  He hates the guilt!  I've prayed every day for him as long as I can remember, and I'm VERY specific with my prayers.  I've always asked God to help him know who he is in Christ and to be able to make right, Godly decisions.  Having a good conscience goes hand-in-hand with that. 

God has honored my prayers and I believe has his hand on Dillan in a special way.  I look at him so often and wonder why God blessed me so much with such a sweet-hearted boy.   He's not perfect, of course, but he is a constant reminder to me of what God expects from us all.  His heart is pure and honest and loving and very forgiving.

Since Dillan has been driving by himself (almost a whole year), I ask God to give him wisdom and discernment behind the wheel and to keep him safe from harm.  At first glance, the fact that Dillan got pulled over for speeding, one might think that God didn't answer my prayer. But I believe He did!

I was in a hurry when I left for work yesterday.  Lucy had hid under my bed and wouldn't come out and I left Dillan to deal with her.  Well, he did, but that made him run late for school.  That's no excuse for speeding, though and he has been getting a little lax in that area anyway, wanting to leave later and later.  Anyhow, at 7:33 a.m., I was still in the car traveling to work and it all of a sudden occurred to me that I had gone a few days without asking God specifically to give Dillan wisdom while driving and to keep him safe.  So I immediately began praying, knowing that he would soon be leaving the house for school.  I also thanked God for his GRACE and for blessing me and my family so much. 
So...how did God answer my prayer? 

True. Dillan was not being wise by speeding.  But the experience (I hope) has made him VERY wise and made him realize that we were right in telling him all along that he tends to have a "heavy foot".  We also saw God's GRACE being shown to our boy because the trooper that stopped him (and I will not name names) is not known for being kind!  It is just plain miraculous that he didn't give him a ticket!  Driving 19 miles over the speed limit will get you in deep trouble!  Especially as a teen!  He could've lost his license on top of major fines.  He knew he was really going too fast, but didn't really pay attention to how fast he was going.  He just didn't want to be late for school.  See...he didn't want to be in trouble for that either - lol!

On top of everything else, he could've been killed going that fast.  It's true that you can be killed driving very slowly, but when you're traveling that fast?  I don't even want to think about it - especially after the wreck we witnessed Sunday night on that very same road!  Not that I think the young lady in that wreck was doing anything wrong at all, but I told Dillan then that accidents can happen regardless of how careful we are, but he better not let me find him on the side of the road from doing something stupid. 

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if God had him stopped to not only (1) teach him a good lesson in a way that he would not soon forget, but (2) to keep him from an accident that was about to happen. 

There is no such thing as coincidence!  We may not always know how God is working in our lives, but we need to remember that nothing goes unnoticed by God.  His ways are not our ways.  Things we think are coincidences and readily dismiss, are God working anonymously behind the scenes.

I'm so thankful that Dillan was spared a ticket.  I'm so thankful that he was not injured.  I'm so thankful that the trooper was kind and willing to show grace and teach a teenage boy a lesson.  I'm so thankful for the power of prayer!

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Wonderful story on the power of prayer and you listened to the Holy Spirit. Blessings,