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Where do I start?  I'm not sure I really have anything new to say, but the weekend seemed so long ago that surely I did something worthy of a blog post - lol!

Of course, I'm ALWAYS busy with school work, but I have to say....I'm having an easier time of it right now.  I'm just taking a math class, so there's not the usual reading and term papers to have to tackle.  However, I do HATE doing math!  I wish so much that I didn't, but I'm just being honest.  But at least right now, I have a handle on the concepts.  I have not done math work since high school, people!!!  And it's my first 17 week course since being back in school, so it will be a challenge in a couple of weeks when my science class kicks in and I have both classes going on at the same time.  But I have faith....the Lord will see me though the haze of polynomials - ha ha!  After these two classes, it's just a few more psychology classes and I'll be done! Yahoo!!!

We hung out around the house this weekend.  It's so nice not to have some where that we HAVE to go, isn't it?  I spent a good bit of my Saturday cleaning house....and it sure needed it!  I didn't get everything done that I wanted, but I learned a long time ago to just let some things go for a while.  Some things are more important than having a perfectly kept house.

Speaking of the house, I'm still  in the process of my master bedroom makeover.  The biggest thing to do is to get our furniture repainted.  And I'm still looking for a new comforter....haven't found just what I'm wanting yet...but I will ;)

I also found out that I LOVE egg salad!  I have no clue why I've never tried it or even made it.  It's just too simple...and I LOVE simple!  The night I made it, I ate it for supper.  I took more for a sandwich the next day at work (although I did go outside to eat it so I wouldn't stink up the building - Ha!  I'm sure they would appreciate it if they knew!)  And then that night at supper, I had ANOTHER ONE!  At this point, my husband was getting a little worried about what the consequences might be from all that egg salad - lol!  But....NO problems here :)

We had WMU Focus at our church on Sunday.  Our ladies were in charge of the whole service.  It's always alot of fun and my Aunt Leslie was the speaker.  She did an awesome job....of course I knew she would.

In other news......I'm in the early stages of preparing to open a new ministry for our area.  A big part of the ministry would be involved in dealing with teen pregnancy, but there are some other areas that we would be reaching into as well.  Please be in prayer for me that if this truly is God's Will, He would open doors for me and put the right people in my path to help me make this happen.  I certainly can't do this alone.

I took Dillan to have his photo made for a passport application today.  He will be going on a mission trip to Jamaica the first part of June.  He's super excited about it!  Scott and I are planning a trip to Cherokee, NC in March to begin our ministry there to Native Americans.  We can hardly wait to go!

Here's Dillan with his camera.....he seems to always have it.
He's looking forward to taking lots of pictures in Jamaica!
Well, that's enough rambling for now.  I hope you could follow my train of thought.
Have a good week!

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Melissa@Little Log House Chronicles said...

I follow that train completely...but I can't believe that you never tried egg salad before now!
I am really with you on the math and my house..well it's in sad shape right now.
Nice post for nothing new to say;}