DIY Desk

For my birthday, my husband purchased an old desk for me that I wanted to refinish.  I had been looking for something small, more like a writing desk, that I could put in our bedroom for a study area.  I'm in need of a quiet place to study and do homework.....yes, this 41 year old is in school.  I'm currently a Senior at Liberty University, working to complete my BS in Psychology (special emphasis in Christian counseling).

Anyway, back to the project.....

My husband and I learned a few years ago that we could actually redo furniture!  He actually does the hard part...the sanding and all.  And he's actually a better painter/stainer than me....the trick is to take your time...and I'm always in a hurry!  I want everything done YESTERDAY!

But I'm the more creative one, with a vision for the end result.  And when I saw this little desk in the middle of a bunch of junk  stuff, I just had to have it!

You can't tell here, but it's VERY yellow and scuffed up....
and I don't decorate with yellow.  It also looks 'little girlish'.....so an update is VIP!
There is a place near where we live that we like to visit from time to time.  I know alot of people who are actually afraid to go in there.  It's a huge old warehouse and it's VERY dark in there!  Kinda used to give me the creeps....looks like where someone might get mugged - ha ha! 

We don't go in there alot, but if you really look, you can find some great deals!  Especially if you like to redo furniture like we do :)

Scott sanded it for me....

I decided to spray the desk instead of using a brush.
I chose SATIN Heirloom White for the desk and SATIN Nickel for the hardware.

all done!

I've decided I'm in love with the SATIN Nickel colored hardware!

I decided to spray the lamp bases on our night stands....and I'm looking for anything else that could use this color....picture frames, a shelf, etc.

I chose this particular color for the desk because I am planning on painting my entire bedroom suit!  I know it's a major undertaking, but I think it will be well worth it.  I'm looking for a new comforter that will go with the new color scheme as well.  I can't wait to show before and after pictures of our bedroom.  We've been in our home for two years and I'm just now getting around to really decorating our room.  I want it to be special and romantic and our little get-away......as well as a study area :)


mountain mama said...

oh, good job! i love it!

it's so rewarding to do that kind of project.

Tina said...

Great job!! It's beautiful!! I wish I had the patience to do things like this!

Michele Katherine said...

Hi Lynn,

That looks awesome!! It looks brand new. That's not easy to do, I know this because I attempted to do this, and stopped after applying the primer :o)

God bless you & your family,